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July 23, 2006 Guest - Gerald Sittser
Program: Unanswered Prayer
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Gerald Sittser has taught at Whitworth since 1989. He specializes in the history of Christianity and American religion, though his most popular courses are Introduction to the Christian Faith and Christian Spirituality. He teaches the spirituality class during January Term in the isolation and wintry beauty of a camp located in the Cascade Mountain range. He is also director of the Certification for Ministry program at Whitworth. He enjoys music, literature, backpacking and woodworking, and he attends the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Ore., every summer with his children. Sittser, better known as "dad" to two Whitworth students, also follows his children around a lot. He estimates that he has watched his three children in some kind of athletic competition at least 600 times, and probably an equal number of musical and theater events, too. Outside the Whitworth orbit he is perhaps best known for his writing. Read more on Gerald Sittser at


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