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July 22, 2007  Guest Ken Medema
Grace, Everywhere We Turn

Ken Medema is an amazingly talented musician. For over 32 years he has been singing in every venue imaginable for 50 50,000 people, from churches to conventions to colleges to corporations, He custom designs events for every occasion teaching classes, singing in worship, leading classes with youth and adults, doing a reading session of his music, and performing a full concert. Using his gift of improvisation, Ken hears with his heart, stories from people or themes from events or speeches and sings the stories back to audiences of all ages.

Though blind from birth, Ken has demonstrated his extraordinary musical vision to a growing number of loyal fans across the nation and around the world. Invariably, his audiences reward Ken's final encore with enthusiastic applause and standing ovations.

At home in San Francisco with his wife Jane, they spend their time reading books and watching movies. Yes, Ken is an avid movie-goer.


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