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September 24, 2006 Guest - Mary Ann Brussat
A Spirituality You Can Savor

Mary Ann BrussatMary Ann Brussat has devoted her energies for three decades to identifying and reviewing resources for people on spiritual journeys.

Mary Ann and her husband Frederic, founded and codirect Cultural Information Service, a nonprofit organization. They produced a series of viewer's guides to television programs and movies, and they wrote Values & Visions, a magazine about resources for spiritual journeys.

Currently they are the directors of the Values & Visions Circles, an international network of small groups who use movies, videos, books and spoken-word audios as catalysts to soul making.

The Brussats write a newsletter and have created more than 250 Values & Visions Guides for these groups and interested individuals.

Through the Values & Visions Reviews Service, the Brussats provide book, movie, video and spoken word audio reviews to computer Web sites, magazines, newspapers, newsletters and radio stations.

They are the editors of two books of quotations and activities, 100 Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive and 100 More Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive.

Frederic and Mary Ann have developed a workshop based on Spiritual Literacy and are also available for speaking engagements.


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