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May 11, 2008  Guest Jules and Gedeon Naudet
Program:  Terror and Faith

On the day of the terrorist attacks in September 2001, acclaimed French filmmakers, Gedeon and Jules Naudet (shown left to right) were caught in the collapse of the World Trade Center. Jules was shooting inside when the South Tower fell. "On September 11, we faced death and thought we had lost each other," said Jules Naudet. "This harrowing experience was the first step in a journey that would take us around the world searching for answers to the meaning of life."

The brothers' quest took them to Egypt, England, India, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Russia and the Vatican, as well as Illinois and South Carolina. In regard to the 12 leaders selected for the special IN GOD'S NAME, Gedeon explained, "We chose [them] because of the vast number of believers--more than four billion that their faiths represent...We also wanted to explore the diversity of spirituality in our world today."

The brothers' previous project, the documentary "9/11," won an Emmy for Outstanding Non-Fiction Special in 2002. Their first feature, "Hope, Gloves and Redemption," about young boxers in Spanish Harlem, took grand-jury honors in 2000 at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. Born in Paris, both Jules and Gedeon are graduates of New York University's Film School.


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