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May 20, 2007  Guest Rob Owen
The Limits of Celebrity Worship

Rob Owen is television editor-critic at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in Pittsburgh, Pa. Previously he worked as a TV-Radio columnist at the Albany (NY) Times Union and as a features writer at the Richmond Times-Dispatch in Richmond, Virginia, where he helped create "inSync," a section for teen readers. His articles have also appeared in NetGuide magazine, and he is president of the Television Critics Association.

Owen is the author of
Gen X TV: The Brady Bunch to Melrose Place (Syracuse University Press, March 1997), a nonfiction account of TV programs members of the Generation X age group grew up watching, the shows they watch now and the programs that depict their lives.

Owen also believes that as a critic and a Christian he has a responsibility to let parents know what material they might not want their children to watch. I dont have children, but I always try to keep families in mind, he said. At the same time, Im sorry to say that many parents dont take the responsibility to find out what is suitable by taking advantage of the ratings, using the V-chip, or by reading newspapers and magazines to learn more about what is on television.


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